Maintenance and Support

We systematically monitor and evaluate various aspects of our work to make sure our processes run smoothly, our products are well-produced, and our results come out exactly how our clients wanted.

Level 1 support

Involves a user support team that receives queries in your preferred way – by phone/chat, social networks, via email, using specific web forms or a tracking system.  Support Engineer takes responsibility for the incident and provides status according to agreed SLA till its closure.

Level 2 support

Involves a trained technical support team that deals with system troubleshooting, monitors key performance indicators of the system as well as takes care of simple configuration issues, software installations, and routine maintenance in order to address the problem .

Level 3 support

Involves a team of professionals with deep understanding of the technologies and platform used in your application. With access to the application’s server side, the team fixes more complex issues – previously unregistered or requiring code reviews or substantial changes in the system.



After the delivery of an application, changes are inevitable. We provide maintenance services that may include a variety of activities. The most common include error correction, enhancements of capabilities, and optimization. We also support the migration to a new hosting.


24/7 monitoring of your core applications, hardware and overall system performance to ensure system uptime. Support team is immediately alerted when your system crosses the defined thresholds to avoid your server going down, memory reaching capacity or a workstation consistently being overloaded.

Code audit
& testing

We offer code audit and refactoring services for projects that are facing technical issues. For these projects, we provide detailed analysis of the source code, looking for bugs and vulnerabilities, and improve the existing codebase by restructuring it. We make your code better and your project healthier.

Help Desk

A dedicated team of our technical support specialists solves the emerging problems of the application round the clock for a monthly flat rate. Our support professionals are available to diagnose and address urgent issues – a promise we back up with industry leading service-level agreements (SLAs).

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