Dormitory system

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the demand for online bookings, thus avoiding queuing and saving time. For this reason, a system has been developed through which dormitories can publish their rooms and buildings and students can apply online to book each of them. The focus has been on categorizing rooms by gender and the system is able to generate respective buildings and rooms depending on gender selection made by the student. The system has a management panel where the relevant buildings, rooms and prices can be shown and all reservations are listed. Furthermore, the system is conceived in such a way that each user has his own space and has access only in his part of the system. Dormitories have one administrator for one or several buildings. Once each user is provided with the necessary credentials, the administrator sees only those reservations which have been made for the rooms of the buildings he manages. The system is web based, responsive and has a friendly interface.

System Development
Dormitory, System
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