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One of the greatest things that access to the Internet gives us is choice. The World Wide Web was not available to the public for long before some enterprising individuals decided that the Internet was an ideal tool for bringing choice to music, and Internet radio was born. Divan Radio began online streaming on 2008. Divan streams world music, pop, dance, house and electronic music in different times of the day.

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Indeed, we live in unique times when free Internet radio stations from around the world are just one click away. Divan Radio is available wherever there’s an Internet connection, and there are no geographical boundaries. Listen to all your favorite music on your mobile phone using our mobile app, available on both platforms Android/iOS. In our Mobile App, you can listen to online music of any style you like. No matter what you are looking for: Top Hits, Electronic Music, Stardust, Retro or Jazz – here you will always find your favorite Internet radio. You can switch from one player to the next simply by clicking the playlist you want to listen to.

Here you can find more information about Mobile App. Download for free!

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