Clinic health system

Clinic management system is an online system which can be used to manage patients’ health cards, the history of each of them, conceived at the same time as a digital file / archive as it includes visits and analysis of each patient, stored in the individual virtual file of everyone. This system also offers the possibility of booking online visits, by selecting the doctor according to individual preference of the patient, or by making selections based on the relevant medical departments offered by the health clinic.

The system is dynamic, customizable for clinics, where each clinic has an administrator user who makes the necessary configurations according to the structure of the clinic. For example: if a clinic has several doctors employed, each of them is registered in the system listing the department they operate, contacts, social networks if any and the schedules and days when each doctor is available to provide service to patients in the clinic.

On the other hand, for the patient, the possibility of booking the appointment online is envisioned by selecting free days and hours that can be decided between him and the doctor he is interested in. We have adapted the system in such a way to offer the possibility of integration with SMS Gateway through which, the patient can be notified by SMS one or several days / hours before the reserved time at the telephone number he has put in his profile.

Also, for this system we have created a management panel in the backend, coded in PHP which stores all registrations, appointments, patient reservations and can filter archives according to preferences or can display them in calendar form.

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